Sterling Services Is Phoenix OneStep First Quarter Sales Leader for Epoxy Flooring Installation

Having successfully installed durable, long-lasting Phoenix One-Step™ epoxy floors at numerous Chicago-area customer locations, Sterling Services is the Phoenix OneStep sales leader for the first quarter of 2016.

Phoenix One-Step™ Epoxy Flooring System is a seamless, flexible resin-rich epoxy that is mixed and installed in one step for faster cure time and project completion. The process results in the highest quality epoxy floor available, designed to last years with minimal maintenance.
A durable Phoenix One-Step™ Epoxy Floor is completely customizable with a full range of color options as well as pattern and border choices. Even company or university logos can be incorporated into the floor. We ensure color match for repair or replacement with archived color formulas.

Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin businesses interested in this problem-solving product can call us at (630) 724-0813 for a free consultation.

epoxy-flooring-before epoxy-flooring-after